This is a platform to advertise the sponsors' business to our clients and visitors. Any business is welcome to advertise on our CRM System and website. Imagine advertising daily to all our clients and visitors. When our clients and visitors are using our CRM System and website and they are looking for services and/or products that the sponsors are selling, they do not have to look no further. The sponsors' services and/or products are just a click away from our clients and visitors.

There is an advertisement banner scrolling at the bottom of each page on our CRM System and website. The banner will consist of the logos of all the sponsors. The logos will contain a link to the sponsors' website. Our clients and visitors will access the sponsors' website by clicking on the sponsors' logo.

If the sponsor does not have a website, it is not a problem. We have a solution for that called the "Sponsor Page". What we do here is that we create a whole page with the sponsor's information. This can be contact details, services and/or products and any information the sponsor wants to add to advertise their business.

Step one to become a sponsor is to register with us. Registration fee is R1000.00 once off and this is a lifetime registration fee. What this means is that there are no renewals or any other admin fees hereafter. Even if the sponsor decide to stop advertising with us, we will not charge any registration/admin fees in the future whenever the sponsor decide to re-advertise with us. Once the sponsor have accomplished step one we can then move to step two. Step two is were the sponsor select the package that best suite them from our ranger of packages below:

  1. > Silver Package,
  2. > Gold Package, and
  3. > Platinum Package

The "Silver Package" is the beginner package. This package will give the sponsors access to advertise on our website only. This is our cheapest package and it only cost R99.00 per month. Then we have the "Gold Package". This package will give the sponsors access to advertise on our website and the DLiS demo version. The DLiS is our most selling product and thousands of people are visiting the DLiS demo version prior purchasing the system. The Gold Package only cost R149.00 per month. Lastly we have the "Platinum Package". This package will give the sponsors access to advertise their business on our website, DLiS demo version and the DLiS full version. What this means is that the sponsors get access to also advertise to all our DLiS clients on a daily base. Whenever our clients access their DLiS account, the sponsors' business is being advertised as they are using the system. The Platinum Package only cost R299.00 per month.

Remember that there are no contracts binding the sponsors and us. The sponsors' business is advertised for the period paid for. This means the sponsor can pull out whenever they feel like it and come back whenever they wish to come back. Below is how the banner will be on all the pages.

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The DLiS


Dj Lahlela Invoice System (DLiS) is an online invoicing system at an affordable price. DLiS is mainly developed for out-of-office use but can still be used at the office. The best part of the DLiS is that it can be accessed on any platform and device. No installation required. Read more...

Social Networks


Advertise your business here by becoming our sponsor. We place your logo and link it to your website.

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