About us

DJ Lahlela Projects Pty Ltd is a business venture established mainly to focus on Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Our target markets are both corporate and non-corporate customers. We produce high-level of quality based on a methodology that is compliant to Quality Management System (QMS). DJ Lahlela Projects is 100% black youth owned with 50% being women.

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply our customers with a world class ICT services and products.

Our Vision

We visualize ourselves as one of the leading ICT Companies in South Africa.

Our Values

We value our customers with regards to the achievement of the ideas encapsulated in our vision and mission, such as:

  • > Exceeding our customer's expectations in service delivery.
  • > Taking ownership and accountability for our promises.
  • > The effective exchange of information between us and our customers by using written and verbal means of communication in such a manner that there is a mutual understanding.

The DLiS


Dj Lahlela Invoice System (DLiS) is an online invoicing system at an affordable price. DLiS is mainly developed for out-of-office use but can still be used at the office. The best part of the DLiS is that it can be accessed on any platform and device. No installation required. Read more...

Social Networks


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